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The partial hot-air baths may be employed and also the hot pack, as

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should not be sent there. They are much better off at home than any-

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and fatty myocarditis, I have obtained at least a temporary benefit from

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parts nearest the concave side of the passage will advance first.

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etc.). Some individuals are absolutely intolerant of it.

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of ergot with one of a 2 per cent, solution of morphine, filling the syringe

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Duration of disease. — This was determined experimentally in two animals. In

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very obscure, and the tennination sudden. At the autopsy the

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when trypanosomes are extremely sparse in the peripheral blood.

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the senior members ; or, if delivered by these seniors, as the result

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Prevention of Recurrence. — To prevent the recurrence of an attack,

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0.85 per cent NaCl were used in these experiments. The serum

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possess lesens moral and the opposite, etc., etc. We have homicides

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1/19/09." The results are typical of those observed in all cases examined.

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Public Health Act and the Police Act, and I believe even at

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amount of hippuric is supposed to mean a small amount of uric acid,

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Edinburgh, and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, have all had

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have pleasure in looking into it, and conveying to our readers a

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viously, had hurt his shoulder in throwing a cricket-ball, and which,

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variety, or to that which is, without doubt, microbic in origin.]

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the bath the vessels of the skin are dilated and their tone is lowered, while

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after the introduction of the sac. It will be seen that the animals

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the anaphylaxis reaction as follows: "The anaphylactic reaction in the guinea-pig,

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extract animal developed less tuberculosis than the control; lived 7 days longer,

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much the same.^ The disease is alleged to have been imported

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Maconochic, deaf mutes, both of whom relapsed; Catherine Scott,

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fat, and wine, beer, coffee, and tea. If the stomach will not retain any

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the science of physiology would not have existed. The author,

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As, thanks particularly to Baumann, we know the essential principle

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in the right thigh at 3.20 P.M. The cobra was not fresh ; it had

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•959 injected into the jugular vein ; vomited ; micturated violently

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