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The effect upon the conjunctiva pointed out by Grims-

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has been given to their character they become very devout, often fanat-

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logical effects. This clue was the observation that the headaches,

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estimate that there will be 3.400 claims presented during the vear ending

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Any of the conditions predisposing to these two affections

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of the intoxication. At this period there occurred an unexplained

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tliat it is the shai'pness, the bang, of the impulse that is responsible for the com-

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region, with frequent exacerbations, attended by nausea and vomiting.

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the most potent cause of spasm, six of whom were under sixteen,

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had doubtless existed, leading to the changes just stated, but the ob-

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\vii8 SO rapid mid mi|nTru'iiil tliat tlioy could Hcan-i-Iv coiiipk'to ii

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I believe, the acquired but insufficient resistance,

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strain the physician in the use of blood-letting, is

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fect and disturbed by frightful dreams. It is not uncommon for patients to

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relieve the tenderness of the epigastrium, when this is slight,

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genuinely this esteem is merited. Private donations of the

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.mepicinb: visiting surgeon to Louisville city hos-

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ing tissue, and, when the fluid escapes or is liberated

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tion to a Littlb Nob on thb Fbbncii op thb Uppbb Lip,

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antidote for malaria, the question very is. Some time ago Querollo demonstrated

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is one of the end products of proteid metabolism. Helen

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Mercurius should be employed when the pain is attended with a sen-

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side. Co-ordination of movements (eyes closed) quite perfect. Is conscious

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degenerates. Habershon's fibroid disease of the pylorus and Boas'

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Coley,^ of New York, gives the results of three hundred and sixty

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afford some explanation, if not consolation, to know that neither does that

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stration of the uses of the Murphy button by Dr. J B.

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ately greater actiou of the extensor muscles. In this

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hepatic abscess the diagnosis is very difficult to make.

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f "On Animal and Vegetable Parasites of the IJuman Body." By Dr. Frederick

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The danger of rupture of already existing abscess or pre-

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the cylinder, and the tissues resting upon its inner extremity; and the

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We proceed, in the present article, to the consideration of the

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