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mary growth was especially ditficult in this case be-

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and in the remaining 1 while in a state of sobriety. It

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grains of the drug produced a very peculiar effect, for

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1898, xix, 304-3(ii;. AUa : J. de med. de Bordeaux, 1898,

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largement, for the detrusor reflex would then be injured

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lege of Ohio ; Lecturer on Clinical Medicine, and Phvsiciau to St. John's

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study of the varying stages of anemia (e. g., chlorosis)

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before there is a symptom of labour, the case is rendered very

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Dec. 23. — Excessive Liquor Amnii in a case of Twin Birth. Davgerous


On section, small punctiform loss of substance with hemorrhage

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three or four times daily, which it can usually be by the patient

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guentum resinse and balsam of Peru, iodoform, boric ointment, or

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learned lunst who may be called upon to lay ,.„, . , ^ - . ....

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secretion of urine which deposits the urates, and the liability to gravel or at-

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first signs of iritis or cyclitis ; for it is then undertaken

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works, of which least in importance, although important, is the favourable

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The Society reassembled and was called to order by the

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