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by the tumour having been removed, no further bleeding takes
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only attains a high grade when, as happens in many cases, there is at
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the atmosphere. Water vapor is the most variable of the normal con-
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thing which conveyed a distinct idea to the senses.
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Before coming to hospital he had been staying for a week with an
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of the hind limbs and of the whole body speedily follows, and death
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it right to accept those assurances, and to hold no inquest. A
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has been made and he was rejected by an insurance company.
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responding unmistakably to tuberculin, gave an abso-
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practice I have seen tlie lives of patients suffering from emphysema saved by
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This precautionary measure is recommended to every one who
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we can choose for him, that the manner of his editorial writing
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Best, Dr Inglis, and Dr Eodger — went to the Continent as army
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eral way it may be said of all cases that hygienic measures are
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perature; (3) the humidity; (3) the movements of the air; (4) the
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Thus, the fluid of chylous ascites sometimes contains sugar. Bahrgebuhr,
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well-maintained compensation in which death has occurred suddenly
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no organisms. Culture reveals slight growth of cocci in short
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See Pironti (Gaetano) & Farrara (Andrea) [in 1. s.).
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closely resembles a gumma, but, lying as it does in immediate

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