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Mrs. Burrows is about 30 years of age, rather of full embonpoint,
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was preceded by a period during which the tracing had a horizontal
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before they could be removed. In every ease there was vomiting
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their agency. It was therefore not remarkable that the medical
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We have been strengthened in the notion, suggested in our former
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the night* afiecting both upper extremities, with deviation of the
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and clothing, by following the rules of hygiene, may
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In urging you to take this step the undersigned will pass by the
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As the case furnished some points of unusual interest, Dr. P. stated
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But it seems that the learned doctor has set about the reformation
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over that of two centuries ago. Could Sydenham return to the
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in the second stage, the whole of the mucous surface of the larynx
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pretended, but it is as much so as our means of information would
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instituted in order to find the source of the infection. Defective sewerage
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f From beginning of anesthesia till end of operation, 25 minutes. Animal
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formly given 16 days after the last instillation; the second intra-
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fect development and formation, the condition is called ancematosis ; —
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of medicine. Behold a patient in pneumonia, see how quickly he is
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symptoms were considerably abated ; the tenderness of the abdo-
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normal. The muscles along the spine become rigid, and if the cervical re-
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acetate of lead every hour. At noon the discharge had ceased, and
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rican Philosophical Society, acknowledging the receipt of No. 2,
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to the former, not in consequence of the disease passing either
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that in smallpox, only the effects do not last a life
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In the section of country where he had formely resided, (near

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