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endoglobular young forms, for which, according to Golgi, the blood-
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while in some cases the murmur disappeared. 5. A murmur
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Volhard uses long-necked digestion flasks with two marks on the neck at 300 and
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rapidly increased. Hydrarg. biniod., gr. -^ ter. in die.
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pends on a personal peculiarity of the patient, an idio-
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" sang" of the French, and the "milzbrand" of the German.
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the mucous membrane of the stomach or intestines, or of the
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tied ; after waiting ten minutes introduce the instrument in
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Dr. MuLHALL said that it was no more dangerous to open
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John Mulligan, aged two years and two months, was admitted into the
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a long exposure may obliterate some of the faint shadows. Two
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pathology of labor, and the puerperium are treated of in this work
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and as a counter-irritant he would mention tincture of capsicum, the use of which
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th- bacterial theorv during the past few years. 141.
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Short {Birmingham Medical Review, vol. xxxv., No. 185, p. 27) has re-
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liave been hunted in districts supposed to cause it. My opinion
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forms it may be so great as to continue with intensity for hours after
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powerful after birth as before, and operates on blood in tubes free from
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dinary croupous pneumonia and tiie cheesy pneumonia.
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tion brought on the similar case of a pair of coach horses,
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domestic rabbit. The ordinary domestic rabbit has a

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