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have been confirmed in animals and extended to man. Kahn*' and

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determined by dissection and examination of cases of

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working gradually to full feed. The peif should be cleaned daily if

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the necessary authorization was given in consideration of the

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dilator should be tried first, and accordingly he left the hos-

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tercostals, in full and evident action. In one word, the breathing

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a given case 13 observations of the pulse and tempera-

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iiiimber ot ea-e- did not amiinpan} the w-unded m.m to the ea-u.iltv

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Treatment. — For few diseases have so many specific remedies been

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frontal abscess — producing no symptom up to a few days before death.

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thousands that die on the Eussian steppes every anthrax year from eating

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in all his extremities. Pain in the muscles of the extremities and of the

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'Z- y U^ jg^/t~^ 'C 'i& //z vy z ■+<*■ ,Z^0^C~sfr^<r£

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arrival in the recovery room. Group II patients were

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varying from half a minute to two minutes in a five-per-cent. solution of

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to major surgery is controversial It should be noted, however, that the impaired ability of the

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Although, like true Christians, they revered sacred relics

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logy exists; and 2d, that the female are more subject to epilepsy,

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could read ''average type;" but, whether with or without

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knife, because I cut downwards and outwards in such a manner

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Eoma, 1896, ii, 391-410.— Robinson (B.) Clinical obser-

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meval state of " three score and ten." What can the faculty possibly

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licence to practise. He said the University had nothing to do

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wants to do something. Every person has a certain taste.

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other cases, and they were numerous, I kept in camp at their

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rently distended w ith the morbid deposit. Opened the abscess ;

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he can take a jar of water, and, by means of the electricity induced

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of cold along the spine, and its results are illustrative of the

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blood corpuscles. This body was transparent, colorless, jelly-like, and

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borne out by the results reached by Sarzin in Senator's

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1 LXXXL) I i: •!. enteric symptoms, further than adding to

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itous. A matriculation fee of $5 is required, in advance, of every student who has not at-

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treatment by injection of the perchloride of iron is a

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