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tion, than it is anteriorly : and it is now found ttoat the left or fluctuating
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■observed, though it must have been present on the baciUi grown
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properly adopt the simpler and more rational system of
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vaneed beyond the teeth without endangering it to in-
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lungs and bowels, may all be the seat of inflammation during intra-
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gave no satisfactory results, but with the ophthalmo-
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of Philadelphia, another pioneer woman ; and Dr. Mary
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a horrible odor, purely subjective ; others have disagreeable sensations
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drawn, while the deeper portion, containing micro-or-
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at three different periods of his life — at 31, at 42 and at 67 — they
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bougie guided into it with the finger. Dilate, if it can
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destroy life in the first paroxysm, and the occurrence of a paroxysm from
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ear, the indications of treatment are generally the same
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members of the homoeopathic school, or to extend to
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calculated not only to excite violent fits of coughing in all
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P. A. Surgeon L. E. Gofer, designated as chief quarantine officer
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diseases or old age ; or it may be the localization of a specific
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of water from frogs and mammalia, have induced opacity of the ciys-
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of the wound are very great, yet a vesico-vaginal fistula may
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heavy weight were suspended from the anus, or as if the sphincter ani
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pelled with difficulty, or if the bronchitis tends to become duronic, then such
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can lift the foot higher, and he can now (after five punctures) jost
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luxation of the joint ensues, the pain ceases, aud the wrist-joint becomes deformed
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cystitis, or exhaustion ; but he admits that others recover more or less
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anti-typhoid inoculation in the army included the inoculation of 4000
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process, beginning in the very habitat of Kola. Vibo-Kolafra is a true Restorative
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Doctor. This rule, however, was never strictly enforced. Eacli

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