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ciated, and whom tliey highly esteemed for his many excellent
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intelligence approved, or that their official sense of pro-
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occasional intermissions in its severity, for nearly two yeai's. without
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and opposite the large open spac e of the Whitworth Park.
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condition. Both began to improve almost at once when iron was sub-
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chambers. The last of these is under the entrance to the
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meeting will be held at the Joint Counties Asylum, Carmarthen, on May
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Counterblast. Not long ago the coroner for Philadelphia held
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present they only got half the information because they got it
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all their efl"orts will succeed in making the old convicts'
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to pure questions of sanitation ; it describes the social life of
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Jiold the same office, during the year 1892-93.) President : *J.
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Dublin, on Thursday, May 4th, Dr. E. Lennon, Assistant-
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feeling is far more difficult to etfect than a disruption thereof, and
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tained a considerable amount oi poison which were not on
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members of the London Committee intimating their view
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piridin diluted mth water into the pui-e reagent). - -if I
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dinner of the London Hospital Clubs Union took place on
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no Government is likely to introduce an amending Bill so
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the patient could not live. As a matter of fact he made a
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„ 8. Organs ol digestion. By Arthur Hensman and Frederick
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Diseases of Women, Tu. B.,V; Eve, M. F., 9 ; Dental, Th., 9.
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the period of a day : put in the same way tlie wheat termed ANR aud that
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Reform when it comes will be by abolishing all such cisterns,
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many parts of the north and north-west of France. At the
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would be a great means to prevent crime. Certificates should
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was removed from it , it was swollen and sloughy. No attempt was made
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perly remunerated. That jirinciple seemed to have been left
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The detection of firedamp is a vital matter to all concerned
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□ainely, "That in the opinion of this House any mere suspension of
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ley, Bristol, and Nottingham, and the highest rates in llolton, New-
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less difficulty than heretofore, as shown by the fact that one-
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opinion with respect to these matters as will set these matters
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are experienced teachers in Professor von Bergmann's clinic,
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families dependent on them, are compelled to do professional work for
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costal muscles, and with a periosteal elevator to peel the
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return of the aflection. ' ■ J-'.^i-^ ""!•'! ''"',i r'
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is exoreted from the blood chiefly through the wall of the
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cases do I advise in cases of diabetes the use of an alcoholic
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could scarcely be as represented by Dr. Duncan at the "end
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pose of the charity. Other speakers were Mr. W. S. Caine,
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were under treatment in the Metropolitans A.sylums Hospitals and in
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of health; and in another which aitirnied that luany article8 of food
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having been effected, each four men constituf.e a stretcher squad, which

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