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largest part played by hygienic advice, so that some

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A cholecystotomy would have relieved her permanently in ten days and

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If allowance is made for these — for the 18 per cent, of deaths

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In the relapsing fever of North Africa the attacks are less severe and the number of

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movements entailed by the efficient action of purga-

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the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the following

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features except that the spleen is generally enlarged very early.

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tant method in 1,780 cases; from September i, 1877, to

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0{)ening, discharjj^e, and cicatrization of one or more ab-

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with exposure to varying weather, form a large class in cities, who unfor-

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exudate. But pleurisy and pericarditis due to infectious germs often occur.

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mark made by Prof. Barlow in relation to it in such cases. He

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I think that it will be to the advantage of my readers if I devote a

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efficiency of those attendants whose special duty is the search for,

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follow from them ? In the first table he understood that the mean height at

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» mention, i.e. a mutual assent of the parties. Partial drunl ennes s

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The affections of the opticus observed in diabetes are either atrophy

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ment was being made this year when I left there, and that was to have

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this immunization, each agar slant being washed off with 8 c.c. salt solution,

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hepatic cyst. 3S3 ; intra-venous injection of milk,

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epitheliomata, cheloids and angiomata radium has a selective

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the bacillus produced tuberculosis ; and the same was

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These different stages of development are of great interest to a

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articulations between the first and second and second and third

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Ju^.rez, correspond iente al aiio fiscal de 1" de jiilio de 1892

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camphorae, | iss. ; to be taken as a draught before the

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remains patent. In one of my cases I saw the patient shortly before

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Case III. — Lad of eighteen, with slight neuropathic heredity,

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VASOTEC is available in 2.5-mg, 5-mg, 10-mg, and 20-mg tablet strengths.

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internus, brevis, and longus = triceps, internal, external, and long heads.

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