Trazodone Vs Xanax For Sleep

The clinical history was: that one year previously the child
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ever, by the administration of strong tea or coffee, or of caffeine, thdne,
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were deeply congested ; the pia itself was thickened, and
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moist rales ; the expectoration increased, large quantities
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condition — that the debility was so great and the vital powers so low, that
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suggest the presence of serious nephritis. Cases of acute
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ment of the |)uerperal state ; the mechanism of labor and the
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morbid fear of cocaine spreading throughout the coo-
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tion in ventilating the advisability of performing a certain
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nea are striking. Percussion of the thorax elicits a normal note,
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Voted, That the gentlemen above named be received as guests
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rarest are agraphia and word-blindness. The symptoms
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present, as it may not be during the first week, the diagnosis
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and where relaxation from business, the amusements that are con-
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infected soil. Naturally, they have not thouglit of bring-
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cardiovascular symptoms and signs without assigning a
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not say much for the morbid anatomy. About eight years ago I saw
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the solutions. Lest the gas should be developed in the rectal tube, the soda solu-
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except the first, which was instrumental ; all were vertex
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blunders, the opportunities for observing the effects of animal
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tum ; Nat. Ord. Myrtacece) is astringent, and has been
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measured by weeks, but by montbs ; sometimes a year
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by them. It is strange, still it is nevertheless true, that the majority of arti-
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In the treatment of after-pains, or to secure such firm and permanent
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a local one, limited to one system, but general, involving
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Dr. Sears: A member residing near the county lines and de-
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form is rare before 40. Local and frequently recurring irritation may
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tion (1 to 1000) locally, is usually enough to control it, but occasionally
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of alarming syncope ; and, at one time, the radial pulse ceased. He
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black and thick membrane is found. He seems to intimate,
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of these things is improving very markedly. We have on our streets a
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The particular channel through which this remedial agent acts, other
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allergic reaction to desyrel
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exciting, and to meet the indications when the attack
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our young men and women into the snares of profligacy
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country built expressly for the purpose of caring for and training idiots
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commonly known as the phenomena of Mesmerism or animal magnetism.
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by the experiments of Silbermann. We have poisons circulating in
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nerve irritation, reflex or otherwise, some external poison or auto-
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ford deflected as much as 45 per cent, of them in a strong
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organisms to each other, their antigenic and cultural relations to
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omnipotent ; that it is not suited to all cases, nor to all ages, nor
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and desquamation as complications and sequelae ; the usual occurrence of
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the Order of Francis Joseph in grateful recognition of
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appetite rather poor; no ascites. The icterus had existed since about May

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