Is Naprosyn And Naproxen The Same

Alfred Saoe, aged 28, labourer, residing at Borstal

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the acid to 8 lbs. of lime and KXi gallons water. 2.

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found a capsulated bacillus something like the bacillus of Fried-

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stronger and the longer lived. Conceived during the

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not be permitted to assist in their own election. By

is naprosyn and naproxen the same

Dr. Jephson said : I think this is one of the proud-

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trenching very nearly on questions of a personal na-

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ments £2s0. Private patients of a good class.— Address " T., 7S0,"

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let had torn its jagged way through the right lobe of

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the workers on the line at Kelso, about ninety miles

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the case for secondary haemorrhage, for there never

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stimulants co:isiuned, and also a great increase in

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his aiTUS. Not liking what I saw, or rather did not

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new remedies, supposed or real, for diseases should be

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in obtaining a diploma by such a course, they would

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cardium, and Turner showed a case in which the pericardium was

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will prevent any overlooking by the public. The style

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tend to abscess, it is well known to be wrong to re-

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and " alcohol" having been both quoted in the state-

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be done ? Other questions would arise as to the re-

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development of the tubercle bacillus. It is noticed, however, that

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