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it in that side — and the left lung completely lost its function. From the in-
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in lowered tone of the nervous system, predisposing to
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Large Quantities of Alcohol in Diphtheria and Bron-
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of destructive injury to the bone and soft parts of the thigh. The left leg of a
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knowing," echoed a second. "Magendie on his death-bed re-
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suitable mechanism, irrespective of such artificial means of
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bones would require too much space and is a familiar subject
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exact and scientific use will appeal both to the practitioner
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thorax and the increasing lateral curvature have forced the
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is Minot's description of the steps in development by which
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much actual pain, and one rarely sees the pain of erythromelalgia unless
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five grains three times a day. The improvement was marked from the be-
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been stated that women are more apt than men to con-
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ent and not have been noticed; but the entire absence of
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flammation. It was then tightened so as to cause a disk
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know what medicine will do it, and how to administer it, as a person
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the right side. His complaint now is that of a tingling in the cheek, and he says
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bulbous roots. When attached they are surrounded by a follicle in the
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fists, was found covered by the upper and middle lobes of
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Eod-like bodies in the tissues have been described by Donkin ; cocci
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2. Pool PE, Seagren SC, Bonanno JA, et al: The treatment of exercise-
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able to cause active contractures. Perhaps it may be explained by
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He dwells upon the fact that in the second operation he did
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mare is much larger than that of the horse, and, by patience and
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through the forests and mountains. They killed children,
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but in the private discussions afterward the unease was

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