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twelve per cent, of all the children have been found to be infected. It

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ment that the potency question has nothing to do with the principle

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anticipated, and the work that he did and the impression that he gave


chief symptom. If on the left side, it simulates angina pectoris.

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account of the diminished blood-tension in the aorta and the character

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the oxygenation of the blood is markedly interfered with. This embar-

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Melancholia and the delusion of persecution, with suicidal and homicidal

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differential diagnosis between obstruction occurring in the small and in

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prompt effectual treatment extremely difficult. Serum therapy

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other animals (cat, dog, cow, horse, wolf, goat, camel, etc.). Occasionally

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recurrence at a later period. An emphysematous tendency also results

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be in a tetanic condition. Dreschfield calls attention to dilatation of the

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itely. I think thirty days is the very limit. A patient came to me

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at irregular periods for a number of years. The attack can usually be

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(3.7 cm.) from the left edge of the sternum. The operation must be per-

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ilis and various other infectious diseases have also been mentioned as

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ucts by the kidney, and no doubt frequently cause granular atrophy

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slight fever, headache, an accelerated pulse, a dry skin, and anorexia.

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scribed inflammation, the pain and tenderness propagate themselves

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subjective symptoms consist of severe intermittent or continuous head-

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renal derangement. There may be simply a general impairment of

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known for many years, had hitherto been considered of sporadic

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chloroform every half hour ; also by brandy and soda-water or cham-

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gastric ulcer, and if they be examined speedily, red blood-corpuscles

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Among the symptoms vomiting is prominent, though not diagnostic ; it is

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dynamics. Thus the potency of the imponderables is revealed and

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University Faculty, gave us Washingtonians the benefit of his years of

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actual cautery. Applications of silver nitrate (gr. x to the ounce — 0.648

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