What Is Famvir Used For

SPE'RMOGENS (tr-iripua, a seed, yivnaw, to produce). A general
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lera, of Mr. Curtis; it is said to be a corruption of mordezym, the
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drink with fruit or starch meals, but it is a food and
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lera, of Mr. Curtis; it is said to be a corruption of mordezym, the
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and they will eat but a small quantity at first which
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but less popular and readagle than Meninger’s “Man
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[CO'LPOCELE] (^'d\^^os, the vagina, tumor). Elytrocele.
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The classical term is dodecadactylitis (Swoeua, twelve, SduTuXor,
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A form of chorea, consisting in a convulsive .action of one or both
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Perry 10 J. J. Bredall Perryville L. W. Feltz Perry ville
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from their property of transferring electricity to each other by simple
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acid. The term ferruginous is applied to certain salts and mineral
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fruit, &c. Such a fruit is called antho-carpous.
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Clough, M.D., Physician-in-Charge of the Diagnostic
what is famvir used for

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