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Jesuit Anasthasius Kircher believed in the same, although he
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Brain, vol. xv. p. 500. 62. SHERRINGTON. Journal of Physiology, 1890. 63. SIMOX.
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kealthy at the end of 45 days, but those included in series (6) all developed
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resolved by the use of an ointment containing ichthyol,
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Cases followed up show very good function and radiographic studies
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severity which is common in carcinoma. There was no pain after
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on the early occurrence of impairment of the central or conducting
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treated. The ulnar and radial arteries were cut, also the
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tion, with the train of symptoms which follow in its wake.
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of pulmonaiy collapse; and here I will again briefly call to mind the
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provide means to give it by getting every patient to pay $2.00 for
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tion, the skin usually desquamates and for some time after is the
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at no time physical signs, the diagnosis being made from the sputum.
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«? EDiN-nuRGii.— At the conclu.sion of Sir William Sterlin"

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