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years have gone on, this tendency has become less and less marked, so that, in

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may have everything to do with its incidence. " Light-

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of being in any enclosed place. When shut up in a room

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brush on the everted lids. Continued mere, sol., and prescribed

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others for $500 each. Only one prize was awarded, and that to the

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Just here comes up the old question, does this condition of fibroid

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raisins as the price of the variolous matter. In certain

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tendency to reproduction of the growth during the few months which elapsed after his

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such an institution for a year, if Charles White would consent to

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a few experiments of this character reported by us in a preceding

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doubt he may find authority for this, but the judgment of

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that an association of hockey team physicians can be

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of the wonderful cures wrought by themselves, state-

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ing condition remained in the foot, but disappeared in the hand by the complete

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his working basis. In this position most will agree. It should

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taric acid / by oxalate of cerium, carbonate of magnesia, lime-water,

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occurred. The tumour could be slightly moved below the umbilicus, but not

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and a few points in each case might be worth a brief notice. The first

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enumerated as follows: Aconite, Cimicifuga, Aetata, Podo-

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on its level, a vacuum is formed and suction through

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New Jersey speak of a prevalence of " intermittents"

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- Biochemische Zeitschrift. 1910, xxvi, 14. ^ Lqc. cit.

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To assist the appetites of these patients and to stimulate the secretory

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greater in the latter. We imagine that this is to be attributed to the

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is spread on paper, and applied for 12 or 15 minutes, and then

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Can Louisville hope to overtake Lexington, the ancient seat of Western

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little or no V factor. On the other hand, in demonstrating the pres-

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more or less steadily advancing in many joints despite all treatment, the

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cated with exfoliation of bone occur in pale, ill-nourished, and

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