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Apartments for Ladies, under the superintendence of Mrs. Everett

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We endeavor to explain these differences, on the one hand, by

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logical experience as a valuable addition to his reference library,

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were sarcomata. I used to belong to the Pathological

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an ic acid, any more than the quantity contained in any other group ?

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the address, and fur the manner in which the President had pre-

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In ordinary mild bronchitis, httle or nothing is needed beyond keeping

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fore especially enjoined upon those who treat the sick. It is true, you

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operation the better the chances of success. Drainage could he

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a certain proportion of cases. Pneumonitis, pleuritis, and pericarditis,

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The inner bark of Ulmus fulva, a tree of the northern United

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jects treated of were the rate of diffusion and the tension of

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made more diaphoretic by the addition, if necessary, of neutral

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blindly prejudiced, and unfit to be trusted with the care of diphtheria

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ings show that aeration probably exists to greater depths, for fish and

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sive yellowish discoloration of the liver which microscopic-

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soothes the perturbed mind. Exercise in the fresh air ought to be taken daily,

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ing the blood-pressure in the arteries, and consequently the ten-

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8. In no instance have I seen narcosis of the child

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mon. Webster's Dictionary is incorrect on this point.

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"When /xiiii the most awful sensation of the iiuman frame fxtJitii —

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intestinal catarrh or dysentery invariably followed.

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To a certain degree in corroboration of this, there are found

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Medicine, Dictionary of Practical, by Dr. Copland. Rev. . . 126

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in its praise. We trust the above may prove interesting to those

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which in due time was vomited as was the previous one. There was pro-

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cision, lifted the uterus out of the abdomen, and used

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There's some sma provision makin for ye at Lucky Sma'trash's."

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They may be placed in two classes. The first are those without

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which resemble those of the simple subtertian fever. The whole

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occur in which there is a period varying from seven to ten days at the onset

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unequal numbers at the end of the experiment. After allowing a varying

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Madison, WI 53713. Copyright 1994 by the State Medical

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post card to department B.and we'll send it to you.

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