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distend as gradually as the necessities of the case may require; and by
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tations are, it is true, uncommon and their exact mechan-
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Present slate, July 15ih. — Expression of dejection ; no cephalalgia ; com-
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the peritoneum. Without a very clear conception and
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George Kemahan, 1C.D., Rush Medical College, Chicago.
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prevent the condensation of moisture from the breath
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2 Hufeland's J. d. p r a c t . H e i 1 k . Jan., 1838.
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the bladder and its immediate neighborhood have taken
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requirements of the question. These are that: 1, there
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ceased, and on the 20th of April the part was completely healed ; scarcely
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puberty. Hemiplegia and aphasia may also occur as symptoms
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osis; in confirmed arteriosclerosis; in coronary angina pectoris
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by turning the patient over, three or four days after
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infection from even trifling traumatic or other causes,
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tic ulcer in its various aspects. The subsequent history
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ilis as seen in Europeans is extremely common in the Indian
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has called attention to the fact that in diabetes it is not
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careful axepsis and antisepsis. 2. The «ccurate study of each
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It is in retinoscopy especially that ttik student will
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ficiently to show that our work was, on the whole, as accurate
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towards the surface of the ovary. The mass of granules escaping with the
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lished at the request of the Society. 8vo, pp. 23. Louisville, Ky., 1838.
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tuberculosis of the lungs and larynx; 781 were white, 370
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scribed examinations. The fee is $100. Pull particulars can be
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dyspnoea; appetite moderate ; sweats at night ; daily exacerbations of fever ;
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Dr. Crockett has heeu' elected mayor of' Frederickton, N. B.
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organization and re-elected Dr. Ellas S. Wright, Salt Lake
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matism. The heels could not be brought within several inches of the .
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the 58 reported by Gowers and Horsley, all the patients
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has met The reason, probably, is that in such cases the heart
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at its annual meeting, held in Kokomo, April 4, elected Dr. S.
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pentine stupes and massaging of the abdominal region should
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Intellect result from certain unions, and deformity, disease and insanity from others;
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preparations, have all solid extracts represent a uniform
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branes are a "little adherent, and slightly opaque; substance of good consist-
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after an illness of two weeks. He was one of the oldest prac-
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soreness in the epigastric region ; took no exercise, constantly sewing from
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