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one is unable to show that the Schiitz law holds, nor can one estimate the number of
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morning. After the blood had stood six hours, the serum was poured off
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vascular and trophic lesions, that lead to the undue
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a formidable patient to deal with. She was put in warm baths,
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appears to move in minute spots, and the space between them
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after one dose of quinin, while the anamnesis shows that the patient
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no cause for unhappiness or strain. I asked just one
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Monthly Illness. — It is not necessary that you should take
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are all predisposing causes. Syphilis has been said to predispose to the condi-
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10 Guy de Ghauliac, who wrote a treatise on surgery in the latter hal£ of
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the fever. Where Quinine has^f ailed, this is anothei* excellent remedy
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to cure it lest the disease spread to the tubes. Lantos here, however, warns
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at Highgate. From 1870 to 1885 patients were isolated in hospitals within
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mediate cure of piles (Lancet, Feb. 17, 1877). He says: "The term "t^t-
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Nephritis — Acute and Chronic : Varied forms of the latter known as
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lera, but is a pestilential and contagious malady of a peculiar character.*
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year. If they again fail, their names will be reported to the Surgeon
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there were 1,292 births, 902 legitimate and 390 ille-
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An inflammation of the other salivary glands often accompanies par-
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faces. — (Fig. 42.) In sections obtained from the cartilage of
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b a striking peculiarity in the missing woman. Even had the features of
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fibrinous fluid of great viscidity, and with it leucocytes which have
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is found to be extreme, and certain vessels are more or less completely
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certain amount of inflammation has been produced, when soothing
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disease, or with a scrofulous diathesis. This has been known to
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ment, and was pushed to the cure. In five weeks, during
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Reports, January 8, 1915) supply excellent educational material.

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