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In lead palsy the history of exposure, the blue line about the gums, and

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and the combined treatment is not advised. If, however, cyanocuprol

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Potter, confirming his estimates of the violence, severity, and preva-

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laudanum will not suffice, or a single dose however large ; it must

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phocytes (Gr. Lmc.")- The existence of these possibilities for dif-

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women is not of itself an evidence of peritonitis. All the symptoms

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lose his patient — in all probability to an osteopath.

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measles in form, but having the colour of scarlatina, and appearing

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heredity can be traced in fully sixty per cent, of cases, and almost in-

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to the bottom of the flask, and then using the fluid

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members of the medical profession who own summer resi-

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would invariably, he was convinced, if it did not produce positive

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as be drinks; (the child has a stool and colic as soon as it

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Muscular exercise is the best stimulant to nutritive changes in the tissues,

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called the *' compound letheon," and a patent was procured for the

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interference, unless false membranes are obviously present. The

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our animals which after courses of nasal instillation had been strong-

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given on Apr. 22. No rise of temperature occurred, or any other ill effects. A

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do so much in such a short length of time, was found

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of medicines upon the economy, and which may be eminently cal-

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ments assume a geometric appearance. It seemed probable, there-

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has been ably edited by his son, and it is now before the world an

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after tennis. Walking does not afiect it. There is sUll itching all over

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has within a few weeks been recognized liy I lie I'niled

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Yesembling the hue of life, that the relatives hesitated to inter thd

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