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20. Clinico-pathological conference, Brit. M. J. 2: 1384
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«»e to heal unle^i^g^^en'IttetZ'' n"""«' '^ ''I"'"' « '<•»«
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suregon in emergencies, to simplify practical work for the junior and to
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therapy, often prescribed by self-styled nutritionists.
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a syphilitic infection. The absence of the ordinary signs of
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is also not reliable. Repeated lumbar puncture is valuable in relieving
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side the nipple line. More caution is required at the initial than at
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carries with it an obligation to abstain, both individually and collectively,
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Kings, the Medical Society of the State of New York, and
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anastomosis was made. 27 But this is not conclusive evidence
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gumma; it is fair to ask whether there is anything in the micro-
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houaed out undTT S i'ts ''"'. ''""*«" '" the fall. Gee»
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Designed for laymen and professionals alike, the 16-page
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Co., New York {Jour. A.M. A., March 16, 1912, p. 780).
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examination required for certificates to practice osteopathy.
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volume-in-volume mixture of ethanol and water. Blood
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monly understood by them to comprehend any and all knowledge
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He refers to intestinal putrefaction, but there are probably other elements
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one-sixth the amount of urine and about one-twentieth the amount
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taining Holadin 0.20 Gm. (3 grains), Sodium Succinate Exsiccated 0.20
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2. Encyclopaedia Britannica, Chicago, William Benton
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with the operated artery distal to the line of anastomosis with
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combs containing the honey are finely cut np and placed in an old
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glass slide on which to mix the emulsion with suspected blood, a slide
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said. “A formulator may make a product, and sell it only
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should thn be eorertd with wax ,. a. to exclude at«- .^ "
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only evident in an alkaline solution; in acid solutions it gives a
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considerations probably hold, with but slight modifications,
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been encountered in three experimental horses. From their investigations
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The use of ergot is a mooted question. Most authors
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be still looked on with suspicion, as the change might not be
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view to defending a possible claim for damages, and the patient is

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