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carry a " mon", or device, worked ui^on their outer-

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history of this disease, as exemplified by the cases

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through the uretlu-a — a rather difficult jDroceeding.

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for a dislocation, and treated it accordingly. The arm, was cured,

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dectomy, and then extracted by the downward section.

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twelve or fifteen years, for after a time horses are no

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pean military charges to the royal siirgeous, stUl fur-

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reality : Assumption of final causes, whereby a moral

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existing fact ; and still more astonished, on taking

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Chorea is often a very trifling complaint, bnt it is

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as dancing, jumping, &c. In the first class of persons, the con-

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profession and a brother practitioner. \_Hear, hear.']

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for the purpose of consideiing the Medical Act ; and

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tion to be that if similar steps had been adopted, and

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bates ; and the vrhole question has been -n-orked out

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quantity of the starch employed. The cause, then, of this chang-e was

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pitals registered as houses for the reception of insane

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even a trace of it ; and the conclusion was that alco-

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an extent we are too apt to forget, or to underrate.

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it is generally wise at the outset to say that, in case

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probable that most of them — he did not say all —

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Royal Portsmouth Hospital; The Secretary of the Royai.

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far from prejudicing, would very greatly assist in re-

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appeared. It contains the following articles : — Amenorrhoea, by

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from those who boasted of having great confidence in the

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urine passed, and a large abscess distending the perinseum.

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of the twins. 10. It is probable, though not proved,

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plished person. Her case was melancholy, with rest-

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condary afiections, would of themselves be sufficient

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both were retained in the gi'oin, and that the right

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ordinary temp<:'\tures, and after being moistened with alcohol, of be-

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duck contains ;54, that of the goose 35, and that of

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either those of Dr. Clarke or those of Dr. Collins.

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on a recruit before he can be made capable of supplying the

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less, under the sanction of the branch societies), at

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our estimate of our art itself, if we do not learn to

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of CMIQ, founded upon the knowledge of conjunct causes,

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useful summary — not elsewhere to be found — of the

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