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plants in the Liunaian system, in which the stamens are associated in

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and animal matter — a term sometimes applied to vegetable albumen

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ptdmo7ium; P?icumectusis. Literally, that which is blown in; wind-

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DIATHE'RMANOUS (dn«, through, Otppaivu), to warm). A

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similar to one another and to the substance of which they are parts.

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was an effective circulatory stimulant in dogs poi-

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both for its diuretic effect and for its bronchodilating

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Thoroughly equipped for all the approved therapeutic measures. Insulin, metrazol and

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GLAUBER’S SALT. Sal mirahile. Native sulphate of soda ,

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cular, lymphatic, and serous cavities of the body, in contiudistiuction

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MYO-CA'RDIUM (/avs, guos, a muscle, KapSta, the he<art). The

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ANTIIO-CA'RPOUS (aeflos, a flower, Kapiros, fruit). Flower-

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when it throws out from a centre its finger-like papillae, resembling an

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VI'BRIONES (uiimre, to move rapidly to and fro). Vibrios. The

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rally, to disagree, whatever may be the more prominent disease.

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hydrochloric acid into oil of turpentine, surrounded by ice. A solid

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canal. I’liey have been called cholotics or bilitics.

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.Emmett B. Settle Rock Port Charles D. Humberd. . .Barnard

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SERO-PUS. The name given to pus when diluted with serum.

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its objective is the transferral of the disabled from

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